Saturday, 1 December 2012

Synapse science news #9

Too busy to keep track of all the science news during the week? Don’t fear Synapse is here. Check out this week's news.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus - New evidence suggests men and women view and interpret the world very differently. Evidence comes from a study conducted here at Bristol University. More information.

Long lasting bread - Wouldn't bread that can last 60 days be amazing. No more trips to Sainsbury’s just to make some toast! An American company says it has invented a way to make bread last 60 days by zapping it with microwaves to remove spores. Read more.

Holy moly! - The second largest black hole ever has been found. It resides in the galaxy NGC 1277, that is just a quarter the size of our own Milky Way. Find out more

Snooze you win - More sleep is the way forward. Even 2 hours can be as effective as a painkiller. Read more.

Imaging the famous corkscrew - Scientists have been able to take a photograph of a double helix for the first time, using an electron microscope. More information

Ice on the scorched world - What are the chances of finding ice on the planet closest to our sun? Very high according the NASA! Data from the Messenger spacecraft has recorded over 100 cubic kilometres of ice at the planet’s poles. Read more.

Overdosing on grapefruit - Research suggests that mixing grapefruit with prescription drugs can have very adverse effects. Find out more.

Pac-man on Saturn’s moon - Astronomers have identified variable heat signatures on Saturn’s moon Tethys that look like Pac-man! Read more.

Mary Melville and Katherine MacInnes