Sunday, 16 December 2012

Synapse science news #11

Too busy to keep track of all the science news during the week? Don’t fear Synapse is here. Check out this week's news.

New primate discovered -  Scientists have found a new species of slow Loris in Borneo. Read more.

Handy fish - Zebrafish are being used to study the evolution of limbs from fins. Scientists have been able to make them develop 'pre-hands' instead of fins by controlling their genes. Read more.

Norovirus in hospitals this winter - Wards closed to visitors due to vomiting bug.  For more information.

Global meteor show - The annual Geminids meteor shower took place this week, peaking on Thursday 13th. Don't worry, it is not related to the end of the world! More information here.

Felicity Russell and Tom Stubbs