Sunday, 17 February 2013

Synapse science news #14

Too busy to keep track of all the science news during the week? Don’t fear Synapse is here. Check out this week's news.

Earth’s close call – This week the small Near Earth asteroid, 2012 DA14, passed by Earth. Read more

Deadly coronavirus in UK – Multiple people being treated in intensive care. More information

Drilling on Mars – Curiosity rover takes historic drill sample, although it was only 6cm deep! Read more.

Sea slug has disposable penis - Japanese researchers observed this bizarre mating behaviour in a species called Chromodoris reticulate. Find out more

Mosh-pit behaviour – Science behind collective behaviour is being investigated using  mosh-pits. More information.

Downtime for the LHC – The large hadron collider is being turned off for a 2 year upgrade and maintenance period. Read more.

Drive you round the bend – Self driving car technology is being developed in the UK. More information

Treatment on the ocean floor?  Researchers are beginning an £8m project to discover new antibiotics at the bottom of the ocean. Read more.

Katherine MacInnes and Saraansh Dave