Sunday, 25 November 2012

Synapse science news #8

Too busy to keep track of all the science news during the week? Don’t fear Synapse is here. Check out this week's news.

Curiosity makes historic discovery - Nasa's Curiosity team says it is poised to make a 'historic' announcement in the near future. This is a massive teaser as very little information has been given and NASA are usually reserved when it comes to making major claims. Read more.

Dog’s nose reverses his paralysis - Scientists have helped a dog regain the use of its legs by injecting olfactory ensheathing cells taken from the lining of its noses into the its spine. This research may help those seeking a cure for paralysis. More information.

Support for science - Vince Cable has been standing in Science’s corner this week. He plans to challenge plans for cuts in spending on engineering and science being considered by George Osborne. Read more.

The island that wasn't - An island in the South Pacific called ‘Sandy Island’ has been proven not to exist! Find out more.

Louisa Cockbill and Tom Stubbs