Friday 22 May 2015

Science and Romance at At-Bristol's After Hours

Ever wondered what it's like to go to an After Hours event at At-Bristol? We sent Matt and Kitty, a science loving couple from the University of Bristol to their Valentines evening. Here's Matt's opinions on the night!

Was this your first time at @Bristol? What did you think of the theme?

No this was not our first time at @Bristol, we attended a night hosted by the psychology society that was based on the brain.
We thought the theme really suited the night (Valentine's Day). There was plenty to do related to the theme and otherwise.

Can you tell us a few things you did on the night? What was your favourite exhibit?

My personal favourite thing we did was (of course) trying all of the spicy food! The primitive dating was also fun and interesting. Seeing as it was @Bristol, we also explored and played on their other permanent features. As a physicist I felt obliged to play with the magnets and (attempt) to solve puzzles. The tornado wind tunnel is always an experience.

Did you get a chance to go to the Planetarium? What show did you see, and what did you think?

We did get a chance to visit the planetarium and watch a show on the night sky. The intellectual level of this was appropriate for al, interesting, informative and visually stunning.

Did you like the adult environment available at After Hours events? Would you recommended it to your friends?

We would definitely recommend after hours (I think we actually have!) to other friends looking for an interesting night.